The Fifth

I decided I’d post five things before the end of January. It is currently 9:46 pm on January 31st; I need to write something in order to meet my goal. I wish this post was a work of art containing the most beautiful, and the most insightful, writing anyone has ever read. Instead, this fifth post is a last minute ramble about– I still don’t know what I am going to write about, so I’ll just let my thoughts take form by continuing to type what is running through my mind.

Now, this fifth post is very special to me because Five is my favorite number. This is the only fifth post I will write on this site; thus, I want to write about something meaningful. Well, nothing gets more meaningful than Five– so, I guess I can just write about Five. Yep, I will write about Five. Okay, well let me write about Five. Good ol’ Five is not just a number that I recall whenever I am playing the lottery or deciding what suitcase to choose on “Deal or no Deal;” nope, Five is so much more important. I cannot forget Five because Five is my everything. Five is an incredibly special and powerful number for me; I would not be who I am today had I never met Five. What I have written above might sound ridiculous, but I am being honest. Five is absurdly important.

I remember sitting in my third grade class not paying attention to whatever the teacher was saying because I was very absorbed in my thoughts. I was thinking in Spanish, my native tongue, about ‘Cinco,’ Five. Cinco is the only number in the Spanish language that contains the same amount of letters as what it represents. Cinco has five letters; C: One, I: Two, N: Three, C: Four, O: Five. I thought Cinco was really powerful because I had figured out that every word I knew in Spanish was Cinco. I went on to conclude that everything on Earth was Cinco. To say that Cinco was everything on Earth might sound like an exaggeration; remember that I was a child when I arrived at this conclusion.

Eventually, my use of Spanish began to decline and I started to think in English more often than I thought in Spanish. At some point in my elementary school years I realized that Five was being hurt by evil Four. Everything on Earth was Four because Four had four letters and was the only number that contained the same amount of letters as it represents. F: One, O: Two, U: Three, R: Four. This realization was life changing and began the war between Four and Five. I could not view Four as anything more than just an evil number determined to steal what was rightfully Five’s. To ensure that Five was protected became my responsibility. In turn, Five pledged to protect me.

I believe that the story of Five and Four might be a worthwhile and maybe even exciting one to tell. I will write a short story or something about it at a later time.

It is now 10:24pm. This concludes my fifth post.

Edit: Below, the date states that this post was published on February 1, 2016. This is incorrect. Today is January 31, 2016.


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