The Alpha and The Omega

The Alpha comes at the beginning (1- A. 2-L. 3-P. 4-H. 5-A.) and the Omega comes at the end (1-O. 2-M. 3-E. 4-G. 5-A).

Back in the beginning, whenever that was, there was a lot, yet very little, going on. The skies were white or black, or green or brown?, they were clear, maybe peach? No one really knows, but it can be said, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the skies were not blue, were not pink, they were not cyan nor gray. They were Five’s.

In the beginning everything came down to Five. Everyone was happy, was proud of who they were, brave, full of trust, and living in peace under Five’s reign.  No one really knows when everything changed or whether or not the change came quick or slow. Some believe that everything was Five’s, until from Five came Four.

The earliest reports of Four describe Four as kind, bold, smug, and calm. Four brought good, love, hope and glee. Surely, everyone believed that Four’s appearance in time couldn’t have been a negative thing. Then Four brought the cold, lust, fear, and rage. Five had to protect those Five reigned, so Five made the people alert, worry, angry, full of guilt for having fallen victims to Four’s charm, and full of doubt.

Today, the memory of who/what Five was continues to exist. Some choose to not remember and others struggle to forget. In the World (1-W. 2-O. 3-R. 4-L. 5-D.), on the Earth (1-E. 2-A. 3-R. 4-T. 5-H.), were Five should unconditionally reign, it became my obligation to ensure that Five reclaims Five’s rightful place.

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