I found a few coins in the dryer. These coins must have been forgotten in one of my jacket’s pockets, or maybe they were in my jeans, or in the sweater. I am unsure about where this change came from.

Change is complicated— I am no longer talking about money (the complicate nature of money is a different thing– it’d require a change in topic). Back to the topic, change is closely associated with being different, or becoming different; there is something uncomfortable about things being different. I am told that everything is constantly changing, at a biological, chemical, or environmental level; and, I am tired of people using this ‘argument’ to attempt to convince me to be comfortable with change. As I see it, because everything was consistently changing at the time of my birth and continues to be changing as I type this, there has been no change.

I don’t think I have changed too much– besides the getting older and accomplishing developmental milestones. I still think the things I thought when I was a child and use some of the same childish statements to justify how I feel; “it’s not fair,” “I don’t get it,” “it’s wrong,” “I don’t know,” “let me be.” I sometimes wonder if other people still hold onto, and use, the words of their childhood as often as I do. As a result, I go search for answers on Yahoo Answers. Initially surprising to me, there are a lot of people who are experiencing the same consistency as me.



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