“I Don’t Want To Wait”

Out of nowhere the song “I Don’t Want To Wait,” by Paula Cole, popped into my head yesterday afternoon. This song’s chorus keeps playing in my head. I had never bothered to pay attention to whatever the song was about until a few minutes ago. I only knew the chorus and took it as a parody-type song; I now realize that there is meaning behind every verse and that the lyrics are not as shallow, nor as ridiculous, as I had initially assumed they were.

When a song gets stuck in my head it usually contains a lyric, a verse, or at least a beat that resonates with me. I don’t really know what Paula Cole’s song has to offer me, but I recognize its value. I think its current guest appearances in my mind are a nuisance, but I am entertained by the novelty of this experience. I don’t recall the last time such a random song, that I had not heard in who knows how long, entered and stayed on replay in my mind.


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