I am still in the waiting place. I am still waiting. I think I am wasting time. Time is a temporary resource for me; I should not be wasting time. Every passing second is a second less and every minute is a minute I could have used more productively. About me, today someone said, “she has time to make mistakes.” I have been thinking about this since. When does one stop having time to make mistakes? Although another might perceive it as though I have time to waste making errors, I wonder if this is really the case. While I wait in the waiting place I fail to do anything; hence, I fail to make mistakes, while simultaneously failing to succeed. Unless, waiting in the waiting place is a mistake and as I stay I continue making the mistakes I have time to make. The possibility that being in this space right now is right also exists; it’s possible to believe that I am currently not making a mistake. Yet, what I should be focusing on is not whether or not I am making mistakes; rather, I should focus on moving from, or in, the waiting place.


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