Today is the 1st of September

Today is a day like many I have had in my life. It began with a morning and it will end with a night. People woke up in the morning to go to work or school– or neither. Some people did not wake up this morning to experience either. Today is the first of September of the year 2016. The day came with rain that has since become a windy, cool, breeze. At least, that’s what today has looked like for me. I have slept most of today; I have not left my home. I am comfortable underneath my warm blankets, taking a tranquil rest to better approach the coming calmness, and to better endure the coming racket.

In other parts of the world today has been sunny. In other places it has been cloudy. My today has been different from everyone else’s. Everyone else’s today has been different from my own. Yet, there’s a lot of things we have in common as we experience our in-commonality on a common Earth. In a way, we literally share some common ground, or better said, some common earth.

It’s been nine months since the first of January. Three more months will come and go. Soon it will be the first of January and, in an instant, it will be the ninth month, once more.


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