I like gum. I Like gum. I LIKE gum. I LIKE GUM.


I really love chewing gum. During my pre-teen years, on several occasions, my love of gum left me copying down the history of gum, after being punished as a result of being caught chewing gum in school. I never stuck my gum on furniture. I do not recall ever purposely spitting my gum on the floor. I was respectful while chewing gum. Well, FINE! I’ll admit it, I was not always respectful in school, because I was breaking school rules by chewing gum. I have NO regrets. Well, okay-okay! I’m lying. I do have a regret. I regret having been caught. I’m upset I had to spit out so many pieces of gum before they lost their texture and/or flavor. I am angry about having had to be wasteful with my gum because I loved my gum then, as much as I continue loving my gum now.

As in elementary/middle school, in high school I continued chewing gum– and I continued being instructed to spit it out. For one reason, or another, or maybe many reasons, gum helps me focus and stay calm. In college I continued chewing gum; it was never prohibited. During my college years, I sometimes chewed a pack of gum a day. While I was abroad in Madrid, I’d buy about 20 pieces of gum a day. My friends would contribute to my addiction; some by giving me gum for my birthday, others would give it to me whenever they had it and I asked, and then there were still others who would offer it to me whenever they had it without me needing to ask. Thanks guys! I appreciated that. I love gum.

After college I moved away from sticks of gum to gumballs. I like how the gumballs feel as they become soft and collapse onto themselves in my mouth. I like feeling the texture change and the flavors fade. I enjoy how green, and white, and the other artificial colors taste. I love gumballs. Of course, as a 23 year old adult, I feel the pressure to appear more mature, and more normal, in public; thus, I try to have a couple packs of gum available, in case gumballs are not the best option in specific situations. I have found out that people often make a comment about my gumballs when I take one out, or offer to share one; but, they’re usually excited to get one from me. I guess loving gumballs at 23 is not too unusual, or too strange. Gumballs can be fun for people of all ages– well, not all ages. WARNING: gumballs, and all types of gum, can be choking hazards. Keep gum away from young children; as a precaution, give their gum to me!


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