My one true love: In the past 30 days

I had a birthday thirty days ago. It was my 25th. As a 25 year old I have been doing a lot of the one thing that makes me feel at ease. I have been going to the one place I have always felt comfortable. I have been more openly sharing my joy.

It is not a secret. (Everyone who has known me knows about this special place).

I am not ashamed.  (I talk about this place often).

I am only dramatizing my truth; hence the following: Today is the day I tell the world. It is time to make my confession,

I love Walgreens. I have always loved Walgreens, and I cannot see myself ever not loving Walgreens.

In the past thirty days I have visited nineteen different Walgreens stores and have entered a Walgreens a total of forty-four times. As a 25 year old, I am keeping track of the Walgreens locations I visit. I am attempting to recognize how often I frequent this space. I am also tracking how many different Walgreens I can visit in one year while continuing with my day-to-day life.

I do not know how or when my love of Walgreens began. As far as I can recall, Walgreens has been a special place to/for me. The healthcare clinics have taken care of me, the pharmacists have been thorough, and the atmosphere has been exceptional. For the last twenty-five years and thirty days Walgreens has been both my pharmacy and my corner store.

There are people who describe my love for Walgreens as an obsession. It’s confusing because describing emotional states of being is challenging. To those who call me ‘obsessed’ I ask:  Is love not in part an obsession?

As I spend my 25th year sharing my love of/for Walgreens, I will also be sharing my reflections and memories associated with this company. More words are still to come. In the meantime, visit your local Walgreens.


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