Observations Made

Observations made in the last 24-25 hours:

On a blue line train towards O’Hare: A man sits with a young girl (about 6-8 years old, maybe even a little older). The man has a bag on his lap with two empty plastic cups each holding a green straw. The girl is holding a tall inflatable hammer or bat. She is licking it. The man doesn’t seem to notice. I call my younger sister’s name to direct her attention at the girl. It took a few attempts because the train is loud. After she notices the girl she laughs and tells me “that’s you.”

At O’Hare’s Terminal 3: We waited for a bus to take us to Terminal 5. Two busses arrived. The first had many passengers in wheelchairs. We decided to take the second bus.

At O’Hare’s Terminal 5: While waiting for the airline to begin the luggage check I watched the female ticket agents put their make up on. One woman put on lipstick twice while looking in the mirror.

While leaving O’Hare: My sister and I raced each other out of the airport. We ran down halls, escalators, and stairs as though we were running late.

While walking towards the bus terminal at Jefferson Park Station and young man said ‘hi’ to me. I did not recognize him.

Three people, two men and one woman, stood outside of the building I had to enter blocking the door. They were talking. I did not know how to interrupt them so I stood to the side. The man noticed me and opened the door for me.

I was given two strawberry Laffy Taffys and a watermelon Jolly Rancher. I ate all three in less than an hour.

Inside a Kmart, a man speaking Spanish approached an employee. The employee stated that she does not speak Spanish. He asked her where the “men’s intimate clothes” were. She led him towards the men’s underwear.

Inside a Walgreens, as I decide which two chocolate bars I will purchase (they were 2 for $1), a woman tells a man “I got the type of face that only a mother can love.” They laugh. I did not see her face. I chose to purchase a twix bar and peanut M&Ms.

On a bus stop, I sat on a bench. An older lady came and sat on a different bench. After a few minutes she came and sat next to me. She talked about the weather, the bus, and guessed my ethnicity/ told me about her own. When the bus arrived she boarded in front of me. She pulled the cord for the first stop after we boarded; but, exited the bus two or three stops after.

Outside another Walgreens: A flock of about 20 pigeons lingers outside of the store. As I pass by them none fly.

On a bus, a man boards and sits near the front. A few stops later a woman in a wheelchair boards, he shakes his head when he has to change seats because he was sitting on priority seating. He sits across from where he was sitting, next to an old man who was also shaking his head when the lady boarded. A few stops later, a lady with a stroller containing blonde twin boys boards. The man has to move again. He seems frustrated. The old man shakes his head while looking at the lady with the two kids.

While crossing a street a man behind me is yelling at someone. The yelling is very loud and it sounds as though it might get violent. I turned around and saw the man yelling at no one. He was having an argument with someone only he could see.

Inside a different Walgreens: A lady stocking juice said something to me. I was confused. She then asked me “do you work here” and I said “No.” She said my vest made her think I worked there. My vest was red.

Outside a different Walgreens a man sat in his car. He called me over. I continued walking because I did not recognize him.

At a clothing store a customer approached me and asked me where she should put the clothing she does not want. I told her I did not work there.

On the sidewalk: A woman with an Ipad approaches a pedestrian asking if she has a minute to talk. The pedestrian states that she has already signed-up.


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